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Year 6 SATs​​​​​​​

Dear Parent/Carer of Year 6 pupil,

As you may be aware, from Monday 9th May our Year 6 pupils will sit their end of Key Stage examinations – otherwise known as their SATs.

Our children have worked exceptionally hard for these tests and are ready and prepared to have a jolly good go at them. There may be butterflies in the tummies of our children but this just means that they care; and it is a great life skill to be able to overcome those feelings of nerves and anxiety and push through.

8:30am start for breakfast together 

Mrs Ali, Mr Ogilivie and Mrs Mumford invite your son, daughter or ward for breakfast everyday (Monday to Thursday) to calm the nerves and celebrate this very special time together.

Please ensure that your child is at school for this slightly earlier time if possible, but the start of the school day at 8:55am is also acceptable.

Please do not be late.

Lots of rest at bedtime and be on time for school

Please support your child to get a good night’s sleep before their tests and that they are not over stimulated with games, phones or devices until late into the night.

Not only do these tests support us in demonstrating progress to reach our goal of being an outstanding academy eventually, but the results are passed onto your child’s high school and may determine sets or groupings in Year 7.

It is so important for these tests to reflect the ability of your child so that their new high school teachers can support them as best as they can, especially after a significant loss to learning in recent years due to Covid.

No phones please and no smart watches

Mrs Ali and the team request that phones and smart watches are not brought to school at all from Monday please (or they are checked in at the office upon arrival), because if a phone or smart watch is accidentally left on their person it could lead to cheating accusation where all results would be void (not counted).

Keep in touch with us

As the week progresses, there may be something you want us to be aware of or request support in helping your child in for their SATs tests. We can help. Please keep in touch with us via the School Office on 652 5124.

Please do not allow your child to miss these SATs tests.


It feels like a whole week of tests is ahead for our Year 6 children but there are actually only six tests to complete. Most of them are first thing in the morning and the whole process is over by midday on Thursday.

Please help us to reassure your children that this is very doable if we look after each other and ‘have a go’. Do not miss any of the tests as this will have a huge impact on the final results.

Date SAT information  Start Time Finish Time Duration 
Monday 9th May  English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling(Paper 1 Questions) 09:30 10:15 45 minutes
  English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling(Paper 2: Spelling) 11:00 11:15 15 minutes 
*The test is not strictly timed
Tuesday 10th May  English Reading  09:30 10:30 60 minutes
Wednesday 11th May  Mathematics: Paper 1 Arithmetic 09:30 10:00 30 minutes
  Mathematics: Paper 2 Reasoning  11:00 11:40 40 minutes
Thursday 12th May Mathematics: Paper 3 Reasoning  09:30 10:10 40 minutes

Access Arrangements

Some children will be receiving extra time (25%), transcription, touch-typing or regular prompting in line with their personal support plans and educational needs. Parents/carers will be notified by the class teacher if an access arrangement is in place for their child.

Good times ahead

If we have 100% attendance for all of these statutory tests, we have arranged a number of exciting events over the summer term to give our Year 6 pupils the send-off they deserve. This includes an overnight sleepover called ‘under the stars’, a leaver’s BBQ, campfire cooking, use of the MSE inflatables, film and popcorn and possibly a Year 6 production to end the year on a super high.

Please do help us to make this summer a great success for your child and feel part of the Portland pack, which means a few days of knuckling down and working hard on these tests.

Results will be sent home around the last week of the summer term.

Thank you for your continued help and support and for preparing your child to be the best that they can be.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs C Peace